Woe, Is Me – Genesi[s] (2012)

Oh boy, you know what time it is boys and girls? Time to review Woe, Is Me’s Genesi[s]. Woe, Is Me has finally released their sophomore follow up to their 2010 album, Number[s], which was considered a hit in the scene when they unleashed to the world. Genesi[s] is… well… the complete opposite of that.

With only two of the original seven members, you can imagine the sound of a band to change, but this… There’s NOTHING that could prepare you for this horrendous abomination of so called “music”.

This album is a giant generic piece of recycled lyrics, samples, and gimmicks we’ve heard with other Rise artists. Not saying that those artists were bad, but this is just literally taking the best and putting them in crudely arranged songs with lyrics that match that of an angst-y prepubescent teen.

Genesi[s] capitalizes on the Issues/Woe, Is Me feud right from the opening track and continues to do so until the last two tracks on the album. This got old, quick. With lyrics like “So talk your shit, I give you a reason to,” and “It must be hard to talk shit with a dick in your throat,” it’s extremely hard to take this band seriously.

The choruses sound like a bad rip off of A Day To Remember’s What Separates Me From You. Austin’s drum fills sound like he copied and pasted them from Number[s]. There’s literally so many problems with this album, I can’t type them all down.

I honestly thought there was some hope for this album. But that wasn’t the case. This album is so bad, I’d rather listen to Blood on the Dance Floor than have to repeat this album anymore. Genesi[s] is poop and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, not even 14 year old tweens who dislike their parents for not getting them an iPhone 5.

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By Chano Islas ~ Me Gusta Reviews