Walking Dead On Broadway – Welcome To Corpse… (2012)

A first impression can be a very intimidating and nerve wracking experience for some people, but lucky for me, I’m reviewing a band whose sound is so raw and in your face that I haven’t broken a single sweat thinking about while writing this review. The first band I’m throwing your way are known as Walking Dead On Broadway. This five-piece deathcore band from Leipzig, Germany has taken the generic-ridden genre and flipped it upside down by creating some of the heaviest sounding deathcore I’ve heard in a long time.

Although Welcome To Corpse Wonderland only clocks in at an extremely short 18 minutes, Walking Dead On Broadway uses their time wisely and chocks it full of some of the heaviest hitting breakdowns, most notably the ones in “We Are Legion” featuring Marcus Jasak of Science Of Sleep and “My Rebirth”.

If these two songs combined don’t tickle your breakdown fancy, then nothing will. The lows provided by vocalist James are just mind blowing. The highs are a little rough and could use work, but once the lows take over, your worry about the highs completely vanishes in an instant. The production quality is something that may turn some people away, but anyone who’s been in a band or has listened to music long enough will know you have to start out somewhere. If these German titans manage to stick around and continue with their music endeavours, the destruction that is Walking Dead With Broadway can only increase and become something every deathcore band strives to be. I’ve had this EP on replay for the past week now and I haven’t gotten sick of it one bit. The way it begins all the way to the ending is just 18 minutes of pure annihilation from the vocals, the drumming, and the guitar. Not a single aspect of this band is lacking and that’s exactly what makes them so phenomenal. Keep your eyes peeled for future stuff from these guys and give them a like on Facebook and check out their merch because who knows what these guys will accomplish once their finances grow!
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