Until We Are Ghosts – Never Above… EP (2012)

Whether you like melodic hardcore or not, it’s hard to argue the fact that it’s one of  (if not) the most passionate genres of music. Bands like Defeater, Hundredth and Counterparts are prime examples. Another band that you could add to that list in the near future (assuming a few more releases under their belt) is the up-and-coming five-piece band from Rochester, New York called Until We Are Ghosts. With melodic riffs, passionate vocals, hard-hitting drumming and the occasional interlude that sends chills up and down your spine, they bring to the table a sound that is very similar to the aforementioned bands – especially Hundredth and Counterparts. Until We Are Ghosts’ new EP, Never Above, Never Below, Always Beside, was released on December 24.

If you like your melodic hardcore with soaring leads and dissonant chords that reek – in a good way – of Counterparts’ The Current Will Carry Us, the first track (also the title track) alone should satisfy your needs. If “Never Above, Never Below, Always Beside” doesn’t tickle your pickle, never fear. The EP continues to impress after the first song and, believe it or not, it even gets better as it goes along.

The final two tracks, “Dead Ends” and “Five Years,” are my personal favourites. “Dead Ends” comes in with a brief intro riff that serves as a teaser. After just two or three seconds, the music momentarily stops, and then the bassist strums away and builds even more anticipation. Until We Are Ghosts utilizes little breaks several times in “Dead Ends,” and the aforementioned bass “solo” is just one of many times on this three-minute track where one of the members has a few seconds to showcase themselves. There are also a few really solid drum fills and a spectacular interlude. An interlude like the one heard on “Dead Ends” is what makes me love melodic hardcore so much because it’s so easy to hear how much passion and heart is put into making this music.

The EP closer, “Five Years,” is my absolute favourite track on Never Above, Never Below, Always Beside for a few reasons. First, I like how it’s much slower than the other tracks for the most part. “Five Years” proves that Until We Are Ghosts doesn’t have to rely on fast-paced melodic hardcore; they can slow it down and accent the melody even more. The second reason why I love “Five Years” is because it features another spectacular interlude. This interlude is drawn out much more than the one heard on “Dead Ends.” The last contributing factor in “Five Years” being my favourite track on the EP is the lyrics. As a whole, they’re very strong on the EP, but particularly impressive on the final track – which almost brought a tear or two to my eyes.

Just a few hours ago, I was unaware of Until We Are Ghosts’ existence. Luckily for me, I stumbled across their EP on Bandcamp and snagged it for free. Since unzipping the files from Bandcamp and immediately unzipping my pants upon hearing the first note of the EP, I have been in a state of awe. If you’re a fan of any of the bands that I’ve mentioned in this review or if you have any desire to be blown away by a new band tonight, check out Until We Are Ghosts and their jaw-dropping EP entitled Never Above, Never Below, Always Beside.


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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews