Turnover – Magnolia (2013)

Virginia’s Turnover has quickly become one of the most attention-grabbing younger bands in the pop punk/emo community. After releasing a self-titled EP and a split 7” with Run For Cover labelmates Citizen, the band’s fan base grew rapidly and hype for their debut full length did as well. After releasing a single, “Bloom,” the band announced that the full length effort Magnolia, produced by Will Yip (Title Fight, Circa Survive, ect.), would be released April 16th via Run For Cover Records.

After hearing the first single I immediately noticed that the band had matured its sound greatly, thus making my expectations for the album completely different from before. I had a sense that things would be slowed down a bit and the band would focus more on lyrical content and musicianship. Magnolia immediately displays Turnover’s new direction with “Shiver.” After listening through “Shiver” and “Most of the Time,” the vibes became clear, as everything was different – vocals included. The band had really stepped it up to set themselves apart. Of course there’s going to people comparing every second of this album to Floral Green and what-not, which is a given because it’s the same producer; some tones are going to sound similar. In all honesty, Turnover puts a whole new twist on this sound. Especially with track three, “Wither,” keeping the extremely relatable emo lyrics flowing, but speeding things up in the verses. It’s a blend of old Turnover and beautiful musicianship.

“Seedwong” offers a very different approach for the band, the vocal style on this track is a lot darker than anything Turnover has ever done. The melodies in this chorus work incredibly well. The way “Seedwong” weaves in and out of choruses and verses is something wonderful. “Pray For Me” keeps those dark vibes, but with a little more of an aggressive approach. At this point in the record, it’s hard to believe that this is the band that released songs like “Sasha” and “Sleepless Nights” just two years ago because it’s such an unbelievable progression. “Bloom” goes back on the feel that was presented in “Wither.” Truthfully, “Bloom” is the only song that sounds even close to the previous releases.

Next up is the track that initially blew me away upon first listen. Track seven is “Hollow,” a 90s emo ballad, if you will. Everything just seems to blend so well on this song, which made it an instant favorite for me. “To The Bottom” has some guitar work we’ve never heard from Turnover before. This song almost brings an alternative feel to the record. “Like A Whisper” speeds things back up and carries one of the most memorable choruses on the entire record. The vocal melodies in this song are incredible and different from any other on Magnolia.

The acoustic contribution, “Flicker and Fade,” brings some fresh, emotional vocals to the table. Turnover has previously released some acoustic material, but this is something completely new. Beautiful lyrics, catchy chords, soothing vocals, this song has everything an acoustic song needs. Closing out Magnolia is “Daydreaming,” and once again displaying something completely new and fresh for Turnover. I know I’ve said that a lot already about this album, but it’s true. So many tracks on this full length present completely different elements. It’s something you don’t see much of in this genre. While most bands follow one formula on an album, Turnover breaks the rules and switches it up every single track. “Daydreaming” is nothing short of a prefect closing track.

Magnolia not only reinvents Turnover’s sound, but brings something new to the genre. Sure, you can relate some parts to other bands, but when you pick it apart closely, you will realize that this is completely new. The best way to describe this album is growing up. It’s one of the best first full-length efforts in the last decade.

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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews