To The Wind – No More Than This EP (2012)

The melodic hardcore scene is definitely thriving, with great bands spawning left and right. To The Wind is definitely no exception. Having discovered these guys in 2010 and listening to their “Foundations EP” I saw great potential in this band. Two years later they have released their “No More Than This EP” and I have to say I am far from disappointed.

The album starts off with the hard-hitting track titled Close To Nothing. Right off the bat you can hear the production improvement from the last EP. Great guitar riffs and melodies particularly stand out to me in this track. This will definitely be a great track for the pit.

The next track is No More Than This, my particular favorite on this album. It is very reminiscent of The Ghost Inside’s style blended with To The Wind’s unique style, which I can not complain about. You can hear vocalist Tanner Murphy’s emotions very clearly on this song. Mix that with almost atmospheric melodic music and you’ve got yourself a banger.

At this point I have concluded that this EP is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Hardcore/Metalcore music. To Those Before Me is the next track which will definitely be another sure-fire hit in the mosh pit. After listening to this EP I have had an urge to see this band live again. That is a great sign.

In Regret has it all. From dynamic drumming to vocals that have given me chills even after a few listens. Tanner Murphy’s vocal style is one of the best in this genre of music in my honest opinion. This song will not disappoint.

So whether the intense breakdowns, the melodic guitar riffs, the incredible drumming, or even spine-shattering guest vocals from Pathology’s John Huber, this EP has something for everybody. “No More Than This” is an album that is more than worth purchasing, and for only 5.94 on iTunes, you’d be a fool not to purchase this album. This is great music without putting a dent in your wallet. I see much potential in To The Wind and look forward to a future full length album.
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By xSirPumpkinx ~ Me Gusta Reviews