The Plot In You – Could You Watch Your Children… (2013)

About a week ago, I got a copy of one of the most anticipated albums of 2013; I can see why it earned that label. The Plot In You returns with their sophomore release entitled Could You Watch Your Children Burn?, which releases today (January 15th) via Rise Records. Simply put, it was well worth the almost two year wait.

The first single released from the album was an eerie song that’s cleverly titled “Premeditated”, and as the opening track, it packs a wallop. With a familiar tone of the grittiness The Plot In You is known for, this track reminds the audience that The Plot In You is not a band to mess with. This energy is well preserved and plays a vital part in the album’s evil aura. Also, Could You Watch Your Children Burn? has a ton of reoccurring themes (hate, anger, and aggression) just as their first release, First Born. Many of the songs are huge “f**k you”s to people that have obviously crossed vocalist Landon Tewers in the worst way. 

There are tons of nu-metal influences especially in songs like “The Devil’s Contract” with a feeling like you’re lost in aggressive vocals and demented lyrics. All the guitar work and drumming is fantastically done, and the production is phenomenal. As a whole, Could You Watch Your Children Burn? is a great departure from First Born, while keeping the familiar nuances The Plot In You is known for. The only thing I wish was different was that there was more to the album; I didn’t want the album to end when “Glad You’re Gone” came to a close.

As previously mentioned, there are quite a few nu-metal influences scattered throughout the album’s playtime of 36 minutes, but if you enjoyed First Born, you will most likely enjoy Could You Watch Your Children Burn? as well. There were some slight changes, but it still has that The Plot In You vibe that fans have come to love.

By Chano Islas ~ Me Gusta Reviews