The Merciless Concept – Armageddon (2012)

The Merciless Concept is a deathcore band from Long Island, New York, that recently released an EP titled Armageddon. They play a style of deathcore that is similar to Without Remorse and King Conquer. You can expect a load of heavy breakdowns and beatdown parts, but not too much more. Armageddon is a very aggressive and heavy album, but it is most certainly lacking many technical aspects. For the most part, the guitar riffs are very generic (I hate to toss the word “generic” around, but that’s the only way to describe them) and the drumming is standard deathcore style as well. At times, they show some promise in being a pretty good band in the deathcore scene, but they are going to need to spice it up a little bit. Armageddon is riddled with chugs, and it is basically a 35 minute breakdown. However, there are a few tracks that are more than just a breakdown and they stand out to me a little bit more than the rest. The aforementioned tracks are This World, Judgement, and American Scum. This World features some decent sweeps, Judgement has some good guitar leads near the end of the track, and American Scum also has some good guitar leads at the end of the track, similar to Judgement. If you are a fan of beatdown deathcore, this may be for you. Otherwise, I would suggest for you not to get your hopes up too high.
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews