The Braces – Two Years (2013)

Who doesn’t like some fast-paced punk rock music? The Braces are the perfect blend of old and new. A lot of the moments presented on Two Years can reflect the feels of early Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids, and even blink-182 with the back and forth vocals. Two Years is one hell of a full length, and will most likely put The Braces where they need to be in today’s pop punk/punk scene.

The record opens with “Reasons Not To Hate Everything,” starting off a bit slower than I expected, but then again the distant harmonies make for a nice intro. Have no fear, angsty vocals come roaring in and are quickly followed by that fast punk beat. “Applause” has a bit of an emo vibe to it, but picks up towards the middle. Instantly, I’m noticing how smoothly The Braces weave in and out of punk beats and melodies. “Scratches” is one of my favorite displays of duel vocals on the entire record.

What would a punk record be with that one noticeably short and fast song? “Black Eye Makeup” is just that, and not to mention a damn good one. “Trophies” has some of the catchiest guitar work on Two Years, and I really enjoy the chorus of it. Next up is the title track, which is also the longest track, and one of the more versatile songs on Two Years. In my opinion “Two Years” displays some incredible musicianship and it’s extremely catchy. Following “Two Years” is “DIY,” which feels like it could have came out in the mid-90s. There’s something special about hearing brand new music that gives you a feeling of nostalgia. It’s quite awesome.

So far, Two Years has proved that this band stays in touch with its roots, yet adding new twists here and there. “Siren” displays an early 2000s feel with its powerful chorus. At this point, I can’t think of a style of punk this band hasn’t touched on on Two Years. “Vandal” was the first single off of this record, and it’s another great one. It’s a bit more upbeat and on the catchy side, rather than aggressive. It works extremely well. “Bedrooms” showcases a more experimental side of The Braces, and I see it as a last minute “we can pull this off too” on the album. “Inconsiderate” closes the album with a bang. Catchy hooks, sing-a-long choruses, punk beats, this song has it all. It’s a great melting pot of most of the styles presented on Two Years.

Two Years is incredible start to finish. I can’t think of one song I would ever skip over, as it’s a very consistent album. Thus being said, The Braces should get some well-deserved recognition off of this release. I also feel that this album could bring some diverse fans to one place. How would I describe Two Years in one sentence? It’s one big punk rock stew, and a tasty one at that.

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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews