Such Gold – Misadventures (2012)

Such Gold had made a name for themselves with their previous EP entitled Pedestals and now they’re back with their first full-length album, Misadventures. From Rochester, New York, Such Gold has built up a good amount of hype for Misadventures.

Misadventures begins with a fast paced guitar and drum intro that really catches your attention. As soon as the vocals come in, it’s not difficult to see why Such Gold stands apart from the rest. The vocalist can smoothly transition from a unique type of yelling to singing without skipping a beat. This can make for some really energetic parts while still maintaining a nice melody. The lyrics throughout the entire album are very well written and have emotion behind every word.

The drumming on this album is absolutely superb. The entire time, the drums come in clear and it really builds the music up. The guitars and bass are not far behind either. The guitar riffs are often catchy and fun while the bass is actually audible for the most part. The instruments really draw upon punk influences at times, especially in the song “Higher Places”.

Track eight, “Higher Places”, is my personal favorite on the entire album. The song shows the vocalist’s entire range and the instruments on it are fantastic. The chorus in the song will be sure to get a crowd moving and singing along at a live show.

Everything on Misadventures is spectacular. From the vocals to the production, everything is outstanding. The only let down that I have with the album is that some parts are quite bland in comparison to the more energetic parts of the album. In my opinion, the strongest tracks are “Committee Circus”, “Survival Of The Fondest”, and “Higher Places”.

Such Gold does not disappoint with Misadventures and they certainly lived up to the hype behind the album. If you have not listened to Such Gold prior to Misadventures, now would be the best time to do it.

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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews