Stray From The Path – Rising Sun (2011)

Let me start off by saying that I have never been a huge fan of Stray from the Path. I guess I’ve just never liked anything too “chaotic”. When I saw them live, I was impressed, but I could never get into any of their stuff if I listened to it on my computer or iPod. However, after hearing the songs that they released (Death Beds, Prey, and Mad Girl) I became extremely stoked for the release of Rising Sun. A bit of a disappointment, three of my favourite songs on Rising Sun were the songs that had already been released by the band. I was hoping that there would be at least a few other songs that impressed me, but that was sadly not the case. The songs that really stood out on Rising Sun were Death Beds, Mad Girl, iMember, and Prey. Fans of melodic hardcore, you will probably hear a familiar voice when you listen to Death Beds. That voice being Vigil from The Ghost Inside. The high point of that song is the part with the guest vocals. After Death Beds is Mad Girl. This song is awesome. There’s a lot of different things/effects going on in this song, but it’s not too insane that it takes away from the main structure of the song. The breakdown is also killer. iMember has some interesting guitar parts in it and the lyrics are pretty interesting as well, which is expected from Stray from the Path. Prey is probably my favourite song on Rising Sun. That song just gets me so pumped up, especially the breakdown. The main issue that I have with this album is that it’s pretty monotonous. There is really not a very wide range of vocals and I get bored with it rather quickly. Another issue that I have is that a lot of the songs sound very similar. I can’t even tell when a song ends sometimes. I guess there’s two ways you could look at that. You could think of it as the album flowing well, or like I said, a lot of the songs are similar and it gets a little repetitive. Although I did like this album, I’m still not a huge fan. I am rather excited to see them live again though. Hopefully they play some new songs then (surely they will).
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews