So This Is Suffering – A Deathscene On Delay (2012)

sothisissuffering-4352256 This has definitely been one of the most hectic and exciting years in terms of metal and hardcore releases. We’ve been hit with releases from such giants in every different genre category; Pathology to Thy Art Is Murder, Parkway Drive to Infant Annihilator. Landscapes to Dr Acula, etc.. It’s been one hell of a year, that’s for sure, and while it’s winding down we’ve still got a few gems trying to get their names in those “Top Albums Of The Year” compilations. One band that’s definitely made me look at them in a different and more defined light; So This Is Suffering.

The five-piece deathcore band from Victorville, CA have been around for a few years now and have two EPs under their belt as well as their newly released full-length entitled A Deathscene On Delay. I’ve been following them since their Harlot EP and I’ve honestly thought their sound was so damn heavy and rough that I couldn’t help but listen to it regardless of the quality. I was anticipating the new full length like crazy. When I finally got my hands on it, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but have it spinning constantly for the next several days.

While the old material was incredibly rough, the new stuff has some definite more professional quality and top notch sound which gives them an edge over any other band attempting to make it into those end of the year compilations. The vocals provided by Richard Guiterrez; wow, just wow. The highs that this beast of a man provides give me a nostalgic feel of old school Chelsea Grin in the majority of the songs. The lows – on the other hand – are a little more defined than Chelsea Grin’s and come off as stronger and heavier, which is such a sweet mix. A Deathscene On Delay started off so strong and with one of the heaviest intros I’ve heard in so long that I couldn’t help but just cringe in utter disbelief that it started off that way. I felt it a little unnecessary for them to use two songs to bring it about rather than just one straight intro song, but whatever floats their boats.

The twenty seven minutes of pure improved Chelsea Grin tunes was such a delight to listen to. I knew So This Is Suffering was comprised of men who knew how to crush it but I didn’t think they would have done it to this caliber right off the bat. The guitars and drums were nothing incredibly insane; by that I mean that they didn’t bring anything new or original to the deathcore table but there’s only so much you can do unless you’re a technical or progressive style band, so I’m not going to truly hold it against them. It was done well for the style of music they create. The vocals, like I said, are top notch and never disappoint from the beginning to the end; sheer destruction. So This Is Suffering is definitely one of those bands that I truly hope don’t call it quits and stick to their guns and their musical style because I have a feeling if they can and their fan base grows with them, that more known deathcore bands are definitely going to be feeling the pressure from these up and comers with their dedication and talent. I want to give a shout out to which ever member it was that scanned and sent me the lyric booklet from the album itself so I could get a better feel for the album. It was definitely not what I expected it to be: an angst riddled, over the top killing fantasy album – but instead, it was rather insightful and held more of a story in the songs than sheer anger and disgust directed at a specific person like the majority of deathcore bands do. So again, props for that. As soon as I have money I’m going to pick up a shirt and album from these guys to support them in everything they do, and you should too! 4-4818317

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