Sleep Now Sivylla – The Murderer of Humanity EP (2012)

Sleep Now Sivylla is a five piece Christain metalcore band, hailing from Longview, Texas. They formed in 2008 and released a self-titled EP in 2010, and they are now set to release a second EP, The Murderer of Humanity, on April 20th. “The Murderer of Humanity” is a relatively short EP, but it is expected when you look at the track-listing and see that it only has three songs. It is just under twelve minutes, but it should be enough to keep longtime fans satisfied because of the quality of the EP. The opening track titled “The Relic”, is the shortest song on the EP and probably the weakest as well. Despite being the weakest song, it displays really good riffing, drumming, and screams, and some decent clean vocals during the chorus. Next up is Iscariot. It starts of with fast double bass drumming and transitions into a pretty heavy verse. Following the verse is one of my favourite segments of the EP, a very well-done two-step part. Similar to The Relic, Iscariot has a chorus, but I think this song would be much better off without it. After the chorus, there is a little build up to a breakdown. The bass drop just before the aforementioned breakdown is massive. Be sure to turn your volume up around the 3:20 mark to get the full experience. The final track on “The Murderer of Humanity” is Hellion. Hellion picks up where Iscariot left off. It’s really heavy and has another amazing two-step part. After you’re done two-stepping in your room, you will hear what I believe to be the guest vocals of Tanner Allen (Belle Manoir). Whether the lows are guest vocals or not, they are immensely powerful and they give me chills every time I hear them. The track (and EP) finishes with a mediocre chorus and an overly long outro. In most cases, the quality of the songs, originality, and song structure are more important than the quantity, and “The Murderer of Humanity” is most certainly not an exception to that. With that being said, the production slightly brings down the overall appeal to this EP because it is sometimes a little distorted, but thankfully the distortion can only be picked up at a fairly high volume. All in all, this EP is well above average in almost all categories. The guitar riffs and melodies are great, the bass is good, the drumming is superb, and the screams are impressive. The two aspects that didn’t impress me as much were the production and the clean vocals that seemed a little out of place at times.
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews