Sick/Sea – Moral Compass EP (2012)

Sick/Sea, don’t you mean sea-sick? No, I’m not talking about the illness! I’m talking about the powerhouse indie group hailing from Mcallen, Texas. Sick/Sea is a trio with talent bigger than the town they hail from. With two EPs under their belt and a couple of national tour runs, Sick/Sea is stepping up to the plate with their label debut, Moral Compass EP, off of Autumn + Colour Records.

Sick/Sea’s ensemble is comprised of the brother-sister duo Audrey Scott on guitar and vocals and Cameron Scott on drums. On bass is Miguel Morales with some of the best jazzy licks I have heard on a debut EP ever.

The EP starts off with a vengeance with the song “Parasite”, not revenge song per say, but one with emotions that you can feel straight through Ms. Scott’s phenomenal voice. And let me tell you, most of these lyrics are some that will hit close to home for most of the listeners. “Robot” is definitely a track listeners can get their dancing shoes on and grab someone close and head to dance floor!

But by far, my favorite track on the EP is the closer song “Blinked”. This could possibly be one of the most emotionally driven songs on this release. As the song starts, I feel as if it’s the end of a classic jazz cd. Audrey’s vocals at the end of this track dropped my jaw faster than a right hook from Mohammad Ali.

Everyone on the EP is musically brilliant, Miguel’s jazz-y walking bass lines, Cameron’s subtle but fantastic drumming. This EP is going to be one that I’ll be spinning until their next release, hopefully a full length! The only complaint I have is that I wish it was longer, I can listen to this band non-stop.

Sick/Sea will definitely fill that jazz/indie-rock void in that heart of yours. I’d like to congratulate you guys again and wish the best for you! Make sure to pick up this EP and their past release, Oh Ship! EP, on iTunes.

By Chano Islas ~ Me Gusta Reviews