Shake Well Before – Goliath EP (2012)


Shake Well Before is a five-piece metalcore band from Genoa in northern Italy, formed in 2008. Coming off the back of last year’s single ‘Watching Jersey Shore’, they now release a new EP which is fittingly titled ‘Goliath’. The first track ‘Bear, Gimme My Steak Back’ gets us underway in a brutal and energetic fashion. We’re treated to some intense drumming, gnarly vocals and a guitar tone and style which strongly suggests these boys have been listening to some Parkway Drive. A couple of monstrous breakdowns later and we’re into the next track ‘Insomnia’, which has recently been given a commendable music video. It picks up where the first track left off, with the addition of a slick guitar solo (again reminiscent of a few certain Aussies). There’s also a good use of an echoed vocal effect on this track worth listening out for. This is followed by the breakdown interlude ‘When Anger Meets Rage’. It’s pretty much filler on what is an already short EP at 13 minutes but it works as a nice lead in to ‘SSDD’. There’s some crushing breakdowns on this track with some really cool effects and as with the first two tracks, it has a decent flow. The release finishes on ‘We’re Melting Away’ which is probably the weakest on the EP, most likely because of its slower pace. There’s not much going on aside from some nice lead guitarwork but, nevertheless, it is still a solid song and sees out the EP quite nicely with a well put together outro solo. Overall, this EP is more than we’ve come to expect from mainland Europe, which has been starved of worthy metalcore bands as of late. The breakdowns are some of the best we’ve heard in a while and would be perfect to mosh to. Although Shake Well Before don’t rewrite the recipe book for metalcore, they follow the instructions with some Italian flair. This will most certainly suffice as an appetizer to your favorite meal. 4-4632899
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Written in collaboration with Steven Pongrac

By George ~ Me Gusta Reviews