Sensylis – Carpe Diem EP (2010)

After hearing the intro of this EP I could already tell I’d be in for a treat, and that assumption was right. Sensylis is a band from Vienna, Austria and they take a very unique approach to the metal genre. After listening to the track Memorial, my reaction was positive. The track starts of with melodic guitar riffs which then leads to clean vocals with very interesting accents and harsh vocals that are reminiscent of Dark Tranquility and At The Gates.

We then hear Shattered which has an epic acoustic intro with a sort of “folky” element. The harsh vocals and amazing harmonies are what particularly stand out to me in this song. The cleans also reminded me of old Trivium clean vocals, which is not a bad thing. At this point, I am really hoping for this band to release a full length very soon.

We then move on to the final song titled Circles. A bit of a slower start but the song speeds up when you least expect it. Harmonies, great vocals, dynamic drumming are all featured on this song. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The guitarists, vocalist and drummer show off their talent greatly in this EP. I didn’t know what to expect before listening to this album, but it is a great listen and I cannot wait to see what this band has to offer next. The verdict? Yes, listen to it.

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By xSirPumpkinx ~ Me Gusta Reviews