Seasons in Wreckage – Perspectives EP (2013)

Seasons in Wreckage, a five-piece melodic hardcore/metalcore band from the UK, recently released a new EP titled Perspectives through Dream Atlantic Records on November 18. On this release, the members of Seasons in Wreckage take the fast, melodic and ambient edge of Heart in Hand’s Only Memories and, from time to time, blend it with the slow and emotional brand of melodic hardcore that you get from It Prevails – angelic clean vocals and all. This five piece isn’t a carbon copy of either of the aforementioned bands, though, as there is more than enough of Seasons in Wreckage’s own flare present on most of the EP. The only track that really struggles to be remotely original is the intro track, cleverly titled “Intro,” which sounds a lot like the instrumental interludes that Heart in Hand is known for.After the instrumental track, Seasons in Wreckage gets into gear on “Every Step of the Way” – instantly picking up the pace and giving you a glimpse of everything that’s to come on the 14-minute EP. In the first minute and a half alone, you hear harsh and clean vocals, fast and slow drumming, melodic leads and a crushingly heavy riff that almost serves as a breakdown. Up next is “Perspectives,” which is built more around melody and ambience, yet there is still an extremely upbeat verse that will make listeners want to start a circle pit in their rooms.

“Above the Trees” opens with a melodic lead and sparse drumming followed by a good ol’ fashioned scream of “YEAH.” Much like “Perspectives,” “Above the Trees” is loaded with melody, and the brief clean-vocal segments near the middle and end of the track are very nice touches. As if I wasn’t already blown away by Perspectives, Seasons in Wreckage decided to wait until the last track, “To Be Misled,” to really take my breath away. “To Be Misled” is full of passionate lyrics and vocals and it’s another very strong track instrumentally, making it a perfect farewell to a nearly flawless EP.

Though Heart in Hand’s Almost There was a strong release, I feel that, despite the much shorter playtime, Seasons in Wreckage one-upped their compatriots with Perspectives. There is just as much emotion, the vocals are slightly more accessible and the production is incredible; everything sounds huge from start to finish. Considering this EP is currently up for a pay what you want price on the band’s label’s Bandcamp, I strongly recommend giving this a listen; and, if you enjoy it half as much as me, you’ll end up purchasing a physical copy of the EP as well.

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For Fans Of: Heart in Hand, It Prevails, Counterparts

By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews