Rotten Sound – Species at War EP (2013)

Rotten Sound is a grindcore/death metal outfit residing in Vaasa, Finland. The band has a steady catalog of releases behind them, and has come forth with a brand new EP to start the year. Entitled Species at War, the band has embarked upon an 8-minute concept about the subject of war. With blistering speed and sound, the band delivers a solid set to match the subject.

The music contained on this EP is best described as the sound of an old school death metal band (think Entombed’s Left Hand Path and Disfear’s Live the Storm) combined with the speed of early Napalm Death recordings (Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration, to be exact). This sound, coupled with the short, blistering songs contained on this EP creates an atmosphere fitting of war. My favorite tracks were “War” and “Peace” because of the sections towards the end of each track were the band slows it down a bit and grooves. After all, what’s grindcore without a couple of slower, groove-laden riffs for flavor?

The production on this EP is great. The sound is razor sharp and edgy, the mix features an excellent balance between all instruments and vocals, and nothing sticks out awkwardly or obnoxiously. Bravo to an EP well mixed! The drumming on this EP is solid. Sami Latva does what is necessary to hold everything together. However, because the band is a grindcore band, there is not much room for artist flavor. On the contrary, it’s grindcore, and the artist flavor comes from the lyrics, the sound, the speed, and chaos. Latva provides the speed necessary for grindcore to thrive, and that’s what counts!

To bring my review to a close, this is a solid EP. The message is simple, the songs are quick, the sound is great, and the elements of good grindcore are all at work here. Before listening to this EP, I was not familiar with the earlier work of Rotten Sound. Now, I aim to become more familiar with it because of Species at War. For 8 minutes well spent, pick up your copy today!


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By Anonymous ~ Me Gusta Reviews