Rescuer – With Time Comes The Comfort (2013)

rescuer-6334112 Rise Records isn’t known for their melodic hardcore signings, but they do have one band of this nature on their roster: a five-piece from Florida that goes by the name of Rescuer. If you’re looking for something with a lot of passion and melodic leads, Rescuer should be right up your alley. They draw influences from well-known melodic hardcore/punk bands like Saints Never Surrender and Comeback Kid, but throw in a few of their own little twists along the way so that they don’t sound like a carbon copy of either of the aforementioned bands.

In 2011, Rescuer self-released their debut full length entitled Some Things You Just Have to Let Go of, which showed a few flashes of brilliance, yet not quite as often as I would like for something to take my breath away and really “wow” me. Clearly, they did something right, though, as Rise noticed the potential in them and picked them up in the middle of 2012. The signing had me excited and worried; excited because they were finally getting some much-deserved recognition, but worried because they had signed with a record label that I thought may have forced a few changes upon their sound. As soon as the first single (“Birds of Prey”) from their new album entitled With Time Comes the Comfort was released, though, I was relieved. Not only did Rescuer keep the same general style heard on previous releases, but it sounds much more polished and mature.

Starting from the first track on the album, titled “Breathe,” every member of Rescuer gives it their all and they rarely take a break for more than a few seconds. The vocalist provides the listener with excellent yells and screams that are full of raw emotion and passion, and lyrics that touch on subjects like tolerance and society. Instrumentally, Rescuer sometimes creates a very metallic hardcore vibe; but, for the most part, they send chills up and down your spine by serving up an almost neverending platter of extremely melodic and upbeat leads. As previously mentioned, Rescuer doesn’t give you much of a chance to catch your breath as With Time Comes the Comfort is a 27-minute onslaught of fast-paced drumming and riffing that only lets up when transitioning into another song. Because of this, it’s easy for the album to fly by; at the same time, it still sounds complete.

This release is another prime example of a band doing what they want without having to worry about their label restricting them. All 12 tracks on With Time Comes the Comfort have a purpose and, as I gave the album more plays, I found it impossible to pick up on any flaws or standout tracks because it’s so impressive from start to finish. By creating music that both gives you goosebumps and has the ability to become ingrained in your head, Rescuer has made a case to become one of the elite in this genre. I’m positive that every fan of hardcore – whether it be straight-up hardcore, hardcore/punk, or melodic – will thoroughly enjoy this release from the first moment they hear it. Potentially, With Time Comes the Comfort is one of the best melodic hardcore releases to come out in the past few years, and one that could quite easily contest with the likes of Counterparts, Hundredth and Defeater. If that’s not enough to convince you to purchase – or at the very least – check out Rescuer’s new album, I feel sorry for you because you’re missing out on gold.


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For Fans Of: Saints Never Surrender, Counterparts, Defeater

By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews