Redeemer – First Degree EP (2011)

redeemer-5809668Mediaskare’s sub-label, Rite of Passage Records, recently signed a five piece Christian melodic hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona called Redeemer. Their new EP, First Degree, tells us a story about a man who seeks redemption on the intoxicated man who killed his wife and child in a car accident. He gets his redemption, but it comes at a cost.First Degree opens up with Sorrow and Regret, the track that the man loses his beloved wife and child. This is one of the fast-paced songs and it is one of my favourites. Next is Whisky and Smoke. This song is about the man learning of his losses from “the men in blue suits” and eventually seeking redemption.The third track is Fury and Chains. In this track, the man gets his revenge and takes the life of the man who took away his pride and joy. Fury and Chains was released after Redeemer was signed and it was the first song that I heard by them. I’m sure it is also the first song for many other listeners.In the next track, Steel and Misery, the man is now in jail, expressing his feelings and emotions and looking for some guidance. This is a much slower-paced song and the emotion really shows because of its pace. The fifth and final track on First Degree is called Time and Escape. The man is now asking for help on how to find a way to erase his pain and be re-united with his wife and child.The emotional lyrics really remind me of Defeater and the sound of their music is like a combination of More Than Life and Hundredth. If you like emotional melodic hardcore, this is an EP that you need to pick up. I have no doubt in my mind that you will love it too! fourandhalf-6757577
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews