Post Season – Restless Nights EP (2012)

If you follow either of the bands Handguns or Nothing To Prove, you may know that Nothing To Prove has combined forces with ex-Handguns guitarist Jake Langley to bring you a whole new band from Altoona, Pennsylvania called Post Season. This new band was just announced a little over two months ago but have already released their debut EP, Restless Nights. This EP is certain to please any pop punk fan and to gather a solid fan base for the band.

Restless Nights is only three tracks long and is very short, coming in at just under ten minutes. I was hoping for a longer debut EP from this band but these three tracks are entirely worth the wait and anticipation that was growing since the first single was released, “To Infinity And Beyond”. Each track on this EP has a mesmerizing chorus that is guaranteed to get caught whirling about in your head. I can’t even choose a favorite track because they are all equally great.

The vocals on Restless Nights are inspiring and fantastic, and the vocalist never misses a note. When the vocalist belts the chorus “Just relax my dear because the sun will always rise” my heart never fails to fill with hope. All of the lyrics on the EP have a positive nature and message, which fits the music and style like a glove. While the guitarist may come from Handguns, he has changed up his technique a bit in order to create a more mature sound, and although he is from a larger band, he slides right into his role in Post Season perfectly. The drumming on all three tracks isn’t too shattering or mind-blowing, nor is it too soft. Each hit the drummer delivers on the kit gives the music the beats it needs.

There isn’t much criticism I can give for Post Season, other than to hurry and release new music. This relatively short EP was only a glimpse at what this rising band has to offer in the future, and it’s definitely a bright future. If you are a fan of Handguns, be sure to check this band out.

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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews