Picture Perfect – Rose (2014)


Continuing on with all of these pop punk reviews we have been throwing your way in the past few weeks, here’s one on an interesting band from New Jersey called Picture Perfect. The band formed in 2011 and released its debut EP, Stay Young, later that year then released another EP in 2013. Sandwiched between the aforementioned EPs was Picture Perfect’s debut full length, Face the Facts.

Picture Perfect’s new album, Rose, sees the trend of the band’s improvement and unique style of pop punk continue on. With that being said, it does take a few tracks before things start to get interesting. The album’s lead single, “Voodoo,” is the turning point. After an intro and a few solid songs, “Voodoo” starts off with its catchy chorus. The song progressively gets better as it goes along – and the same could be said about the album. Some of the riffs heard on this track remind me of older Taking Back Sunday, who I am a big fan of now.

The last part (the final four tracks) of Rose is what makes me keep coming back to the album. “Cycle” features some incredible vocals and excellent guitar parts, especially during the chorus. The following track, “Carved into the Bridge,” has a very 90s pop punk feel to it at times. The chorus is a strong point, yet again, but the bridge is what really impressed me because the vocals are much more aggressive. “Decompose” is somewhere in the middle of an interlude and an acoustic song, but it works and fits well. It’s nothing spectacular (it’s actually pretty standard instrumentally), but it’s a nice change from what is heard on the majority of the album.

The final track, which is also the title track, is my absolute favourite because it’s the most dynamic song on the album; the vocal range is very wide, the chorus is undeniably catchy and the guitar lead during the chorus is one of the most impressive parts of the whole album. “Rose” closes the album out in style, as you hear the vocalists repeatedly scream “wither like a rose” with increasing aggression.

All-in-all, I enjoyed listening to Rose. I wish the first half of the album was as good as the second half, but it’s still very solid all the way through. There’s something about this band that makes them stand out a bit more than others in the scene, so keep an eye on Picture Perfect and check out Rose when it’s released on April 15.