P.L.F. – Devious Persecution… (2013)

P.L.F. are one of the most notorious bands within the U.S. grindcore scene. From their beginnings in 1999, P.L.F. was first called Pretty Little Flower before finally settling on Pulverizing Lethal Force  (taken from their 2007 full length of the same name), although the band is commonly known and referred to as P.L.F. With a total of three full-length albums, a vast number of splits, and one EP to their credit, P.L.F. continue to crush the skulls of the masses. With the death metal sound and the short song lengths of grindcore, P.L.F. is one of the leading bands of this genre. P.L.F. has never been a band to skip over in the past and Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter demands just as much attention as their previous releases, if not more!

This album is packed full of catchy little grindcore tracks. The opening track, “Trinitrotoluene Negation”, starts off the groove-fest halfway through the song with a killer ending section. “Trinitrotoluene Negation” is one of many great songs on this record. Other songs to take note of are “Grinder of Fools”, “Dissolution of Rights: Part 4”, “The Story of Ricky”, and “Final Act of Recalcitrance”. Not only is this album packed full of tasty treats, but they are so well placed within the chaos that they can take the listener by complete surprise. If you are a fan of the groove and the fast, then this album was put together with you in mind! The production on this album is great! It’s not overdone/too perfect nor is it so raw that the instruments disappear in a muddy mess. Everything on this record can be heard very, very well! From the sounds of the kick drum, to the ripping guitar sound, topped off by the great vocal performances, this record has seen great treatment at the hands of Garry Brents and Mike BBQ (check Metal Archives if you don’t believe me). Who would have thought three guys could sound so huge? The production on this record definitely adds to the overall listening experience! The drumming on this album is superbly executed by Bryan Fajardo (some of you may have heard of Kill the Client, another excellent grindcore band). The drum parts are exactly what grindcore calls for. Furthermore, everything Fajardo lays down is worth a separate listen onto itself (meaning, practice and learn these parts for speed and tasteful groove playing). Great drumming by a great grindcore drummer!

This album is one of the fastest, grooviest, 17 minutes that I have ever heard! Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter was a great listening experience that I repeated very frequently. If you are looking for speed, tasty grooves, and huge sounds on a time budget, it is in your best interest to choose P.L.F.’s Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter! Stay tuned to the bands various social media outlets for information on how and where to purchase Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter.

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By Anonymous ~ Me Gusta Reviews