Our City Skyline – Bankrupt EP (2012)

our2bcity2bskyline-7777420Our City Skyline is a metalcore band from Boise, Idaho. With that being said, throughout their new EP titled “Bankrupt”, you can expect to hear many influences from melodic hardcore bands. Bankrupt is the band’s second EP and it is set to be released on May 1st.The first track, Reintroduction, is a short song, but it gives you a taste of what’s to come. It opens with some soothing chords, but quickly picks up the pace and you’re hit with good melodies, vocals, and drumming. Following Reintroduction is “The Leading”. This track features some really good riffing, spine-chilling leads during the chorus, and a breakdown that would surely cue the crowd to move around at a show.Perhaps the best track on the EP is the third track, Promised. Promised starts off with distant screaming followed by a guitar melody that repeats itself several times. Just before it becomes to repetitive, the song picks up. What ensues is great riffing, powerful vocals, and solid drumming. What I really like about this track is that the bass is really noticeable and it adds another layer to an already great song. The fourth track is another contender for the strongest song on the EP. Right from the first riff of “There’s Something Missing”, I was already in love. The melodies are spectacular, and all-in-all, the whole song is incredible.Up next is the title track, “Bankrupt”. The strongest part of Bankrupt is probably the chorus. When I first heard the cleans during the chorus, I was feeling a bit undecided, but now I thoroughly enjoy them. The sixth track, Pure, is a decent instrumental, but it drags on for just a little bit too long. The seventh and final track is “Inevitable”. Aside from a few good breakdowns, nothing really stands out in this track, making it the weakest song on the EP.Whether it be the well-orchestrated melodies and riffs, the powerful vocals, or the good drumming (or a combination of the three), Our City Skyline’s new EP, Bankrupt, will most definitely satisfy many fans of melodic hardcore/metalcore. 4-7410209
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews