Ophelia's Breath – New World EP (2012)

ophelia2527s2bbreath-7945703 I decided to give you guys a little late night treat, a sweet review of an even sweeter Russian Deathcore band that goes by Ophelia’s Breath. What happens when you mix some metal Russian kids with progressive deathcore? I’m about to tell you. Knowing how amazing the metal/core scene is over there in Russia/Europe, I knew these guys were going to have to have something special in order to keep me interested enough to write a review about them; guess what? They did. The first couple of listens I had a really difficult time pinpointing exactly who these guys sounded like. I sort of came to the conclusion that it’s a little mix of Veil Of Maya and Born Of Osiris, but with heavier, rougher vocals. This six-piece band hailing from Stary Oskol, Russia really knows how to take the deathcore genre and infuse some really gnarly progressive elements.

Unfortunately, New World only clocks in at just under seventeen minutes. That’s right, only seventeen minutes. It’s truly depressing because I’d love to hear more of what these guys have to offer. The only real negative thing I can say about this band is that some of their songs seem to just flow right into each other and the EP sort of sounds like one really long song. Normally I wouldn’t complain about that, but it’s just I see so much potential for these guys and I’d love to see them try to create a little more of a niche in their progressive style and be able to bring something new to the table in each song so you can differentiate between each song.

Other than that, these six guys really have potential to make it big in the Russian scene at the very least and hopefully they’ll get recognized over here if people find and spread the word. Check out their Bandcamp and pick up the New World EP for only $2. Be sure to “like” them on Facebook and support so they can continue to make music!

Links: Facebook – Bandcamp

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