Old Wounds – II EP (2012)


Old Wounds claims to be a three piece “Psychedelic Hardcore” band from New Jersey, but I’m not even sure if that’s a real genre. I would define them as more of a Chaotic Hardcore band. Old Wounds is streaming their new “EP” II (link below) so I decided to give it a listen.

To say that this EP is short is an understatement. With two songs coming in at just under four minutes, this EP is the definition of fleeting. The length says nothing about the quality of the music however. The first song “Deviant Minds” starts off with a solid drum intro that quickly begins to sound darker as it progresses. The vocals hit and I was immediately impressed. The shrill screeching heard fits the music perfectly. The sound that the band was going for is sludgy and they pulled it off well. The next song “Bleak” follows up with the same crazy sound. The guitars are really mixed nicely and the riffs are heavy.

Although done pretty well, this EP length is just laughable. A four minute EP is just unheard of and honestly not even worth a release until more songs are put on. Another thing that just doesn’t sit well with this band are the attempted clean vocals in “Bleak”. They sound completely out of place with the rest of the song and are just not that great at all.

I have to give these guys credit for making a pretty good EP with only three members. They created the sound they wanted and did it reasonably well. I’m looking forward to hearing more releases from these guys in the future that are longer than the average song.


By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews