Oceans Ate Alaska – Into The Deep EP (2012)


From Birmingham, UK, Oceans Ate Alaska’s debut EP Into The Deep is everything a ‘core’ fan could want and more. With brutal vocals and intense drumming, Oceans Ate Alaska leaves fans aching for more after this six-song mosh fest.

Just over a year old, this five-piece metalcore band, represented by Icon Music Management, start off their EP with an intro song that is a calming lead into I, The Creator, which starts off not so calmly. With the first piercing, screamed lyric “This is our battle cry,” Oceans Ate Alaska don’t wait to jump into a heavy groove. The drumming sticks out immediately, and is one of the highlights of the EP.

With a few more killer breakdowns and a catchy chorus, I, The Creator finishes with fervor, bringing in Hunting Season, which also starts with both feet slammed against the accelerator. About a minute into the song, they bring in a perfect softer, melodic part that lasts just long enough for the ensuing breakdown to throw me for a spin.

At this point, I have realized that if it was a breakdown I wanted, Oceans Ate Alaska would provide it. I should have realized this from the first song I heard off the EP, To Catch A Flame, which starts with a great breakdown with a really melodic guitar part hanging over top. This song also features probably the catchiest chorus on the EP. One loop of the chorus, and the boys are back at it again with yet another fantastically vicious breakdown.

X-Ray Eyes is next, and the least interesting track on the EP, if you count multiple killer breakdowns as uninteresting. Since I already figured out they knew how to throw a mean breakdown, this just furthered that point, and furthered it well. It’s still an excellent track, which shows how much I am enjoying this release.

The EP ends with Blue Lungs, which starts with soft guitars and clean vocals. This track has more different elements than all the others, but meshes them perfectly in the most interesting and complex song of the EP. It is a great way to end a fantastic EP.

Oceans Ate Alaska has loads of talent, and Into The Deep proves it around every turn. Without a dud song in the bunch, this debut EP is a great first step for this band, who only has good things to come after this release.

By Jarrett Stein ~ Me Gusta Reviews