Nigel Tung – Euphony EP (2013)


Ambient sounds, soothing vocals, lyrics that rival poets such as Plath and Shakespeare. I’m not talking about some unknown indie group out of Nowhere’s-ville America. These are those of a big city kid showing off his true roots in the music that shaped his life for the rest of his life.

Nigel Tung, native of Canada and who is the lead guitarist of djent powerhouse Galactic Pegasus, is releasing an EP of his own entitled Euphony. Euphony is seven tracks of pure love of music and emotion straight from the get-go. This album is a complete 180 from the band he’s known for that drive heavy/groove-based tracks.

Tung’s EP starts off with calming piano and vocal harmonies that could be straight out of a gospel choir and are accompanied with the classic strive for the perfect guitar tone. This EP is right up the alley for those who have a soft spot for bands such as Death Cab for Cutie and Coheed and Cambria, and other forces like Circa Survive. Tung’s voice is definitely one that is unique and completely distinctive, instead of others who strive for the uncontrollable style of Tyler Carter or Jonny Craig. His voice compliments the mellow music and will definitely take the listener out of what ever funk or rut they’re in. His lyrics are those of simple everyday problems that listeners can really relate to: long distance loves, troubles with family/friends/loved ones and other problems. This is definitely an EP to have on repeat on those long drives home at night; it’s calming and relaxing for those who are highly strung. This is definitely a step in an awesome direction from the young musician from Surrey, B.C., and I’m definitely excited to see what else he comes out with in the future. Links to check out his Facebook page and purchase the album on Bandcamp can be found below (and trust me, you will want to do so).