Neck Deep – Rain In July EP (2012)

Recently, We Are Triumphant Records strayed from signing a hardcore/metalcore band that you would typically see on the label and made an abnormal signing. The band that they signed is Neck Deep, a pop-punk band from Wales, UK. Shortly after the signing, Neck Deep announced that they were to be releasing an EP entitled Rain In July on September 18th, 2012.The first track “Kick It” starts off with a sound clip and and instrumental intro before the vocals hit. There is nothing very special about this song aside from the way it serves as a good intro for the following six tracks.The next three tracks “Silver Lining”, “What Did You Expect?”, and “Over and Over” are nothing I haven’t heard before but are still worth the listen. All three songs feature fast music that the vocals fit perfectly with. The guitar riffs really have the energy that makes me want to move around and are definitely a highlight of this album. The vocals have a subtle accent that set them apart from other bands. They tend to be more of a rap style in which the vocalist does more of fast talking over the music rather than singing but he does it well.

The strongest track on Rain In July is the acoustic track “A Part Of Me” in which the vocalist does more singing that sounds excellent. Towards the end of the track, there are female guest vocals that sound beautiful and really make the track memorable. My favorite thing about not only this track, but on Rain In July as a whole, are the lyrics. The lyrics are outstanding such as in the song “Silver Lining” where the vocalist sings the chorus “What you felt was placebo/Those stories that we wrote are nothing more than ghosts of time that we spent.”

Another standout track is the final song “All Hype, No Heart” which is more of a punk influenced song. It’s a whole lot of anger jammed into a mere 42 seconds that is a great way to end the EP.

After a couple of listens to Rain In July I can safely say that We Are Triumphant made a smart decision in picking up Neck Deep as the gentlemen from across the pond obviously have talent and potential to do much more in the future. Neck Deep will be streaming Rain In July in it’s entirety on September 10th and it would be wise to give it a listen then. Stay on the lookout for more of Neck Deep.

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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews