Man Overboard – Man Overboard (2011)

If you are a fan of pop punk, you probably know a little bit about Man Overboard. If you haven’t heard of them, you must be living under a rock.Man Overboard recently released a self-titled album in September which was their 4th (3rd if you don’t classify The Human Highlight Reel as a new album) full-length. Like most of their songs, the choruses on the self-titled album are extremely catchy, almost all of the lyrics are about girls and relationships, and they are very happy sounding songs.The self-titled album features some very up-tempo songs as well as a few slower ones. One thing that remains the same is that all of the songs on the album are great. The songs that really stand out to me are Rare, Voted Most Likely, Dead End Dreams, Not the First, and Headstone.The album opens up with a really up-tempo intro on the track Rare. This track has another incredible tempo change later in the song that gets me every time I hear it. Rare is a great way to start your listening experience. The next track, Teleport, is one that really speaks to me. I cannot relate to many of Man Overboard’s lyrics, but I can really relate to them in this track.The next two tracks, Voted Most Likely and Dead End Dreams are both very catchy songs with some really good drumming and guitar riffs. If I had to pick a favourite on the album, Voted Most Likely would be voted most likely to be the one.Moving forward, Something’s Weird and Punishment are the next two tracks. Again, very catchy songs, but aside from being catchy, nothing really stands out to me on either of these songs.The next section of the album is my favourite. Not the First, Headstone, Spunn, and Picture Perfect are songs that I could listen to all day long and they are in sequence! No track skipping required.However, after that section finishes, my least favourite tracks present themselves through my earbuds. That being said, I really like Night Feelings and Atlas, but they are two of my least favourite tracks on the album. It’s a bit of a bummer to end the album like that, and the way it ends is my only complaint.This album took me a few listens to really get into, but now it is easily one of my favourite pop punk albums. There are not many times that you will hear me say that I love every song on an album, but this is one of them. Because I liked this album so much, it led me to listen to all of Man Overboard’s earlier songs again and now I like them as a band even more. However, as much as I like the other albums, the self-titled is their best work.
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews