Man Overboard – Heart Attack (2013)

Man Overboard has been pretty good at what they do for quite some time now. Although sometimes I tend to get bored with the subjects of relationship issues and girl problems, I’ve always enjoyed their music. They have always had a good grip on the pop punk genre. Their latest release, Heart Attack, really showcases the band in the best possible way. It seems like they’ve grown up immensely with this record, lyrically, and instrumentally.

The record starts with “Secret Pain” and “Boy Without Batteries.” Both songs are equally as catchy as the other, and they immediately set the tone for the album. Instantly, I noticed the drumming is on a whole new level, being that they now have a new drummer than their previous releases. I also noticed the music sounds a lot more natural. Will Yip did a fantastic job capturing the best side of Man Overboard. “Where I Left You” has some of the catchiest vocal melodies in the entire genre. I also feel like this song has the biggest chorus on the entire record. It is becoming one of my favorite Man Overboard songs to date. The title track, “Heart Attack,” brings some awesome guitar work to the table and it also has a chorus that will get stuck in your head.

I honestly didn’t care much for “White Lies” when it was first released, but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. It’s a very mature and different sound for the band, yet it works great. “S.A.D.” starts with a very beefy sounding bass line and vocals. Guitars quickly came in and instantly had me bobbing my head. The bridge in this song is one of my favorite moments on Heart Attack. It’s a surprise to hear a more aggressive side of Man Overboard, but very pleasing. “Suppy” has some of the catchiest melodies I have ever heard this band play. The vibe of the instruments reminds me of New Found Glory’s Radiosurgery, which was a ridiculously catchy album. I would love to hear more songs of this nature from the band in the future.

“How to Hide Your Feelings” and “Swan Dive” keep the pace going strong. Both songs provide the super catchy, sing-a-long choruses that Man Overboard is known for. Following “Swan Dive” is my absolute favorite song on the record, and possibly my favorite Man Overboard song to date. “Hoodie Song” is the most dark, aggressive song the band has ever written. It could be a personal favorite because I grew up on old Taking Back Sunday and Brand New and that’s what it feels like, but the song is just plain awesome, in my opinion. Everything about the song is a new feel for the band. “Re Run” is the only song on the entire record that sounds like it could have been on Real Talk. It’s a catchy song, but probably my least favorite on Heart Attack.

“Open Season” has a darker feel to it. The vocal harmonies in this song are some of my favorites on the entire record, and the guest spot from Geoff Rickly is wonderful. “Damage Control” starts with a riff that kind of reminded me of early 90s radio rock. The riff towards the end in the background is great and adds an awesome feel to the outro. Closing out Heart Attack is “Wide Awake,” a signature acoustic, sing-a-long Man Overboard song. This band always hits the nail on the head with their acoustic efforts.

Overall, I personally believe Heart Attack is Man Overboard’s best work to date, and one of the best releases in the genre this year. It has all kind of vibes, from dark to fun and catchy. It’s just a very well-balanced, grown up record. A great listen, and a great step in the right direction for the dudes in Man Overboard.

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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews