Landscapes – Life Gone Wrong (2012)

Very few bands-emphasis or very few-can truly trigger a deep emotional response from their songs, their sound, and their lyrical content but I’ve now added one more band to that small list. This band, another one from the UK, has taken melodic hardcore and truly meaningful lyrics to a whole new level.

Your late night treat ladies and gentlemen, Landscapes. This five/six-piece band from Somerset, United Kingdom have just released Life Gone Wrong via City Of Gold Records and quite honestly guys, without beating around the bush this album might be one of my favorite releases from a more universally unknown band that I’ve heard in a long time. The nine track, 32-minute album contains the most relaxing melodies, clean singing, and screams since Counterparts released The Current Will Carry Us.

Only starting back in 2010 and with one EP released prior to Life Gone Wrong it’s more than easy to say that these Brits have grabbed the hardcore scene by the horns and jolted it in one hell of a good direction.

I honestly didn’t think there would be a melodic hardcore band out there that would be able to compete with Counterparts, but lucky for me I found them in the form of Landscapes. It’s hard to denounce that when the album is not only great in terms of instruments and vocals, but in terms of the lyrical content. With songs like “No Love” and “Coming Of Age”, it’s impossible not to really connect and feel the emotions that the band themselves are trying to invoke in you. Taking a pause from the actual music, we’re embraced with a track titled “Forgiveness” which acts as an interlude more than halfway into the album and quite frankly, this interlude is one of the most beautiful, depressing, and relaxing ones ever created. I honestly can’t help myself from getting shivers every single time this track comes on. Sadly though, once the interlude fades out you’re only left with three more tracks. But there’s always the repeat button if you want to give the album another play! I’m more than joyful that I took on this album to review because I’ve found one of my new favorite melodic hardcore acts. It’s a shame they probably won’t make it over here to North America anytime soon, but until then, I’m going to keep this album on repeat for the next little while and share Landscapes with some of my buddies who enjoy this style of music as well.
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