Interview: Real Friends (12/10/12)


Today, I was lucky enough to get an online interview with Dan Lambton of Real Friends about a new release, music, and pizza. Here’s what he had to say.

In 2012 alone, you’ve released 3 EPs. Do you have any plans to work on a full length anytime soon?

Not exactly sure when to be honest. We’re currently writing another EP, aiming for six or seven songs. We would much rather put out a solid EP that we are confident and happy with than forcing out a full length and half of it being filler. We’ll put it out when we feel we can give our best effort and attention to it.

Since you guys have been a band, all your releases have been DIY (Do It Yourself). What’s your advice to other bands who are looking to do the same thing? 

Work. Work. Work. You have to work. You can’t expect to get anywhere without working for it. You just can’t. So many people expect to jump from A to C without B. It just won’t happen. Kids are also so helpful. Word of mouth is the best, and we are a part of a genre that if someone likes a band, they’ll tell their friends. We are too lucky and grateful for that.

Over the past year, you’ve hit a huge wave of popularity in the pop punk crowd. What’s it like to go from “zeroes to heroes” in such a short time span?

I mean, it’s awesome. Kids that listen to us have spread the word like wildfire. There’s no way we could ever properly express our gratitude. We are nothing without them.

On average, how many pizzas do you consume weekly?

I saw a picture on tumblr of a pizza topped with bagel bites, pizza rolls and another pizza. I’m praying that it’s real because I’d have like eight a week.

Do you have any ridiculous tour stories? Share the most memorable one.

We were on a little stint with I Call Fives and With The Punches and when we played in Michigan, Tim Allen came out, introduced all the bands, did guest vocals on a song and did like eight stage dives.

Out of the band, who has the boniest knees? Sleepiest eyes?

Kyle writes all the lyrics and has the sleepiest of eyes and the boniest of knees.

What does being in Real Friends mean to you?

Honestly, we just wanna play music and have fun. The fact that people can relate to and appreciate it is awesome. We don’t really ask for much from anybody, but really it just comes down to appreciation. We are very lucky boys.

What bands inspired you to play the music that you do today?

Growing up I was a big fan of bands like The Starting Line, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, blink-182, and so on and so forth. Over the past few months we have had the privilege of meeting bands like With The Punches, I Call Fives, The Wonder Years, Major League, Pentimento, Forever Came Calling, etc. that have all made amazing music and have shown us that you can work hard, be successful and be honest, down to earth people. Those are the kind of qualities we appreciate and look up to.

If you were forced to listen to one album on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

On Letting Go by Circa Survive or Bring Me Your Love by City and Colour

Do you think Real Friends will ever be as talented as One Direction?

Never. Nope.

By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews