Interview: Citizen (07/05/13)


I had a few minutes to talk to Mat (vocals) and Nick (guitar) of Citizen the other day about Warped Tour and touring in general, the band’s new record and Run for Cover. Keep on reading if you want to hear a bit more about these things!

You recently finished the Suppy Nation Tour with The Story So Far and Man Overboard. How was that experience?

Nick: It was awesome. Mat: Yeah, it was cool.

Does it seem a little weird to be on another tour with those bands again right now?

Nick: It’s awesome. We don’t really run into them often, but it’s still pretty cool.

How did you react when you found out you were playing this year’s Warped Tour?

Mat: We were really stoked. Nick: Yeah, we were. It’s something that almost everybody knows, so people at school or families or whatever at least know that you’re doing something and not just sitting at home.

Last month you released your debut full length, Youth. After hearing that it seems like all of your releases have sounded pretty different from each other. What were your influences a few years ago, and what are your influences now?

Nick: I think when we started off, we didn’t really have a lot of influences. Then there was a lot of different bands that we started to listen to and then we started to branch out a little bit. I think it paid off a lot and Youth is our best work.

What is your favourite track on Youth?

Mat: “Speaking with a Ghost.” I just really like that song.

Nick: Either “How Does it Feel?” or “Figure You Out.” I think a lot of people kind of thought that we died down a little bit, but some of the tracks on Youth are the most aggressive that we’ve ever written, especially lyrically.

Youth leaked a little bit early, as did Daylight’s Jar. Did you like how Run for Cover combated the leaks by allowing fans to purchase the albums after they had leaked, even though it was at a discounted price?

Nick: I think it leaked at the perfect time. We were putting it on Spotify the next day, so it was going to leak the next day anyway. Daylight’s album leaked really early…I think about a month. But, yeah, it was cool. Run for Cover always puts new albums out for $5 in the first week they’re out, and it was basically out after the leak, so it worked out fine anyway.

How does it feel (no pun intended) to be signed to such a great label like Run for Cover?

Mat: Good. Nick: *laughing* I feel like I’m only talking here. Yeah, it’s good. I think that when we signed to Run for Cover, we were really stoked. There’s so many other great bands on the roster, too. A lot of people think that it’s just a pop punk label, but there’s a lot more. Like Whirr just put out a new record a few months ago.

Sounds good. Thanks for your time!

Nick and Mat: No problem!

By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews