Infant Annihilator – The Palpable Leprosy… (2012)

With technology growing constantly around us it was only a matter of time before “internet bands” started becoming a thing. While I’m not particularly fond of the fact that with internet bands there’s no touring or chance of seeing some of your favorite acts play your favorite songs live, in some cases these internet bands become stronger, more popular, and play better music than any of the touring and close-knit bands ever could. Not sold on that? Well, pay attention because the band you’re about to read about is going to change your mind forever. It’s Infant Annihilator!

This three man internet band with two of the former members of Mister Sister Fister set out to create some of the most devastating and heavy tunes of the year, and without beating around the bush; they did. They haven’t even been a band for a whole year yet and they’ve already released a full length entitled The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution with sixteen of the heaviest tracks you will ever hear, I guarantee that. With two physical pressings from Total Deathcore and both of them selling out within such a short period of time and over 18,000 “likes” on Facebook, it’s no wonder why everyone in the heavy community can’t stop talking about these guys and this album.

This fifty minute, sixteen track masterpiece of an album was released on 12.21.12, and despite the Mayans being wrong about the end of the world, if Infant Annihilator were to play a live show with these songs I’m more than certain the world would have ended that day, no questions asked. Their use of insanely fast double kick drums, guitar strumming that surpass anything I’ve come across before and with vocals that mimic – and again – surpass the majority of the deathcore bands and vocalists out there, I honestly don’t even know where else to go with this album. I didn’t listen to it immediately and now that I have, I can’t step away from my computer without craving listening to it again. The drums at times sound like fifty machine guns going off simultaneously and the vocals go from highs to lows to ten second long gutterals that literally threw this album even more over the top.

I’m not sure what some of you like, but Infant Annihilator’s The Palpable Leprosy Of  Pollution embodies exactly what I look for in a heavy release. The blast beats mixed with my new headphones that I got for Christmas make every second of this album so extreme and heavier in my ears. It’s like a bomb going off every time a blast beat kicks in. The lyrics follow the Catholic Church and the corruption behind closed doors. “The album covers issues such as; child rape, murder, and mass programming. All of this is seen through the eyes of a delusional priest who participates in all these acts”. Straight from Infant Annihilator’s Facebook page we can see that this album wasn’t created just for the sake of blowing the minds of the heavy community, but rather to expose and show the dark truth about those in the Catholic Churches around the world and the corruption, greed and secrets they keep hidden from the public.

With guests like Lucas Mann from Rings Of Saturn and Bill Williams of Thy Devourer, it can only add to the sheer perfection that this album has brought to its listeners. I can’t even imagine what else these three geniuses will bring for us in the future, but for now, I’m just waiting for the next batch of album pre-orders to be thrown up by Total Deathcore so that I can order one and support these guys and everything they do in the future.

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By Unknown ~ Me Gusta Reviews