In Memoriam: Underoath


It’s a pretty rare thing for a band to stay together for five years, but Underoath has been at it for a full fifteen. Despite many line-up changes over the course of many years, the most recent being Aaron Gillespie’s departure as beloved drummer and vocalist in 2011, Underoath has kept it together until today, October 2nd, 2012. Having grown up listening to this band, I’m upset to say that they are no longer together and I can speak for many people when I say that they will be missed. This is the band that introduced lots of kids, myself included, to the more “hardcore” scene, and they were my favorite band for a solid two years. Underoath will be remembered as a legendary band and an influence to tons of others.

Best Wishes from the staff of MGR

RIP: 1997  – 2012

P.S. Stay tuned for the farewell tour dates that will be announced next week.

By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews