I Call Fives – I Call Fives (2012)

If you’re still searching for that perfect summer album, look no further. I Call Fives delivers a spectacular self-titled album that was made to be cranked up and sung along to with your friends. A five piece pop punk band from Washington Township, New Jersey, I Call Fives plays “feel good” pop punk that will certainly lift your spirits no matter what your mood is.The first track “Late Nights” is a fun song with a catchy chorus. Starting with a fast guitar riff the vocals come in with “If I don’t hear from you by 2 A.M., I can assume that you’ve found something better to do”. Even on my second listen I was frantically trying to memorize all the lyrics so I could sing along. “Late Nights” is a strong opener and prepares you for what’s ahead.The theme of the lyrics on the self-titled album are girls and girls the writer hates. Even though it might sound like your typical teenage angst soundtrack, the lyrics are still relatable for just about everyone. The vocals are excellent in all aspects and seem to have improved from their previous releases. Even the The Wonder Years-esque sounding back-up vocals are superb.The instrumentation is just as good with ridiculously catchy guitar riffs on every song and even some solos thrown in, such as the one towards the end of “The Fall Guy”. The transition to the solo is seamless and fits like the right puzzle piece. The drumming is brilliant and really stands out on the self titled. The places where the music slows down and focuses on the vocals are some of the best parts of the album.The only gripe I have with I Call Fives and their previous releases is the fact that some of their songs sound too similar. Sometimes the songs just blend together but because it’s a sound that works, I’ll let it slide. Every song on the self titled is great and the album is nearly flawless. The best songs on the album are “Late Nights”, “Stuck in ’03”, and “Two Sides To Every Story”.

I Call Fives’ self titled is guaranteed to score them some more reputation and fans. It’s definitely an album I’ll be playing for the rest of summer, along with the new With The Punches album. If you’re going out to Warped this summer, be sure to catch them there!

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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews