Hundredth – Revolt EP (2013)

Hundredth is a five-piece melodic hardcore band that formed in 2008 in Myrtle Beach, SC. In their short career, they have released two full lengths, When Will We Surrender and Let Go, via Mediaskare Records. They have toured with several big name acts and made a name for themselves in the melodic hardcore/metalcore scene. Their newest release is a dual EP, Revolt/Resist. The first of the two EPs, Revolt, is set to release on March 19.

Hundredth has developed a distinct sound for themselves over the years and can easily be recognized by their fans. Chadwick’s vocals are easily recognizable and Alex and Andrew’s guitar riffs are quite distinct. The band has decided to tweak and improve their sound on Revolt, though, leaning towards a more melodic, darker sound. While this change is very subtle, it gives Hundredth a more mature sound that can be appreciated and respected by their fans.

The EP begins with their first single, “Ruin.” This track is a strong opener and showcases Hundredth’s darker vibe and melodic leads in a way that entices the listener into wanting more. While some releases open strong and progressively weaken, Revolt continues strong and increases in strength throughout. “Savages” transitions perfectly from “Ruin” and continues with the dark, melodic Hundredth sound. The next track is “Free Mind / Open Spirit,” the second single released by this band. This song serves as a strong representation of their melodic side by utilizing melodic leads, upbeat drum parts, and crowd chants. The song ends with feedback and transitions into the next track, the heaviest on the EP. The fourth track, “Barren”, opens with a quote by Jane Goodall backed by tom fills and ambient guitar riffs. “Barren” maintains its darker feel throughout by using ambience, a slower tempo, and bass leads. The final track, “Euclid (Slave Song),” leans more towards the band’s older sound, ending the release on a strong note. This track is filled with emotion and energy and can be seen through the line “We perceive power to be a blur, but the only power is in love.”

Revolt is a strong follow-up to its predecessor, Let Go. It shows a maturity and growth in the band that ties the listener over until Resist releases. Fans of Hundredth will thoroughly enjoy this EP, as well as those who enjoy hardcore in general. It blends chaos and melody perfectly while maintaining Hundredth’s distinct sound.

By Jeremy Abrams ~ Me Gusta Reviews