Haverford – Wisdom Lost EP (2012)

Haverford is a five-piece indie/punk band from Long Island, New York. Earlier in the year, they released an EP entitled At Least I Did Something. It seems like the band wanted to try something new this time around because At Least I Did Something is very pop punk-oriented while their brand new EP, Wisdom Lost, is indie.

The EP opens with the lyrics “Watch me choke on all the things I still don’t know” on the track entitled “Pasta (Burying Nine Lives)”. One of the first things that I noticed on Wisdom Lost is there is very minimal use of percussion at some points. In particular, the entire second track, “Vacation”, is played without any drumming.

The third track entitled “Counting Days” is the most upbeat track, but it’s not the strongest. That title belongs to the last two tracks, the full band version of the title track and the acoustic version. I thought that the acoustic version of “Wisdom Lost” would be redundant because of how chill the EP is as a whole, however, it turned out to be my favourite track.

Wisdom Lost is pretty basic instrumentally, but it sounds great. It gives me a bit of a Balance & Composure vibe that’s more depressing. At times, the vocals also sound like another well-known band (Transit), but again, a little more depressing. If you’re a fan of chill/depressing indie, I would suggest checking out this solid EP that Haverford has released. Also, If you like pop punk/indie, give At Least I Did Something a spin too!

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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews