Handsome Foxes – Don't Care EP (2012)

Handsome Foxes. Don’t let the name fool you because they aren’t your average local band. Founded in Raleigh and consisting of members from Raleigh’s own The Ethnographers, Handsome Foxes blends elements of emo, hardcore and punk and do it right. They recently released their debut EP, Don’t Care, for free on bandcamp.

Right from the first song “City Of Oaks”, you can hear all of the aspects this band brings packed into one minute. The two types of vocals really are a wonder. The clean singing and the hardcore vocals really go together perfectly. The song “Selling Fire” is a perfect example of this. The instrumentation of Handsome Foxes tends to drift more towards the indie spectrum and is very similar to Tigers Jaw.

While the band blends these elements successfully, the production could be better. At times the music sounds completely jumbled and the instruments are indistinguishable. Some songs worth checking out are “Stop Texting Me, Lorren” and “You Really Dicked Yourself Into This One”.

Handsome Foxes is a band that has some obvious potential behind them and is ready to break out. Their EP, Don’t Care, is free on bandcamp so be sure to snag it. It’s worth the listen.

Links: Facebook – Bandcamp

By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews