Grandview – Everything Between Paint and a Wall (2013)


Grandview is a five-piece emo/alternative punk band that resides in Burlington, Massachusetts. You’ve probably never heard of them, but that just changed. Everything Between Paint and a Wall is Grandview’s follow-up release to the 2012 EP, Absolutely Nothing. As I was listening to this album and taking notes, I found that the words I wrote the most were “perfect” and “beautiful,” and those two words are exactly what this record is. The album begins with “Paint,” which, simply put, is a beautiful introduction that sets the stage for the rest of the album. Guitarist/singer Billy Restivo’s voice is quiet yet emotion filled. The album then really kicks off with “Seeking Out Gold,” and we are hit with a burst of energy and composure all at once. This song is composed well and has a catchy chorus. If you’re a fan of Seahaven, you’ll notice that Grandview certainly has a tint of that band’s sound mixed into its own blend of alternative rock. “The Only Constant” is next; with it, the pace slows down a bit. We hear beautiful guitar work and guitarist Josh Rosenburg’s backup vocals only add to the pleasantness. This song is mellow, but it’s also energetic throughout and it flows perfectly. One of my favourite lyrics is “I’m falling apart at the seams / I’m a toy that got tucked away / Now forget about me / I’m falling apart at the seams, just a torn up rag-doll / There’s nothing left inside of me.” It’s a great expression of emotion. “In Good Company” is next and it is, hands down, one of the best songs on the record. Everything about it is excellent and the “Woooaaahh” adds more emotion to it. My favourite part of the song is “Does it hurt you like it hurts me to watch the colors run down and bleed?” which then leads to majestic instrument work. Also, the ending sounds dark, which gives the record more than just a melodic alternative rock sound. “To the Sun” is a longer song. Mellow and relaxing, this song shows how slow Grandview can go but still maintain my attention. I think this song is about God, which seems to be a theme on the album. Restivo can sing as well as yell, and guess what – it all sounds great. This song sounds very personal, which only makes the record have more depth. “7” is another one of the best songs; I guarantee the chorus will be stuck in your head and you will be singing along to this song.

“Saw the Sky” follows after. This song has a wonderful, beautiful intro, and I believe it is about God as well. One thing I like about this song is the drumming; it gives the song an awesome atmosphere, if that makes sense. “Say Nothing” is a cool interlude track with a quote from the movie Death of a Salesman. You’ll just have to listen to this track yourself and make your own judgment. “Say Nothing” leads into “Shaper,” which is another fantastic track. This song is – you guessed it – beautiful and emotional, and the guitars especially sound wonderful. A word I can use to describe this song is mesmerizing. There’s a basic beat throughout most of the song, but it works perfectly.

“Sitting on Gold” is yet another incredible song on this record. A beautiful intro, and simply beautiful throughout, this song flows wonderfully. Some lyrics that stick out to me are “I still have all your old songs stuck in my head, and I swear to God, I’ll get around to listening to you and to them again,” as I think many people can relate to that line. The last song on this record is “Wall,” and wow, what a way to end an amazing album. The intro is superb and the song itself is inspirational to me. When you listen to this song, you’ll see why it’s a perfect closer. Everything about it has the “end of an album” feel and, when the song is done, you’ll want to start the album all over again.

Grandview’s Everything Between Paint and a Wall is simply a beautiful, wonderful album. Emotional, quiet and loud all at once, each song is different and has its own meaning. I know there was an incredible amount of work put into it, and that hard work paid off. If you’re looking for a new alternative rock/emo band to get into, Grandview is sitting right there waiting for you. I don’t have any problems with this record – that’s how incredible it is. Without a doubt, this was one of my favourite records of 2013, and I hope you take the time to give it a listen at least once. I promise you won’t regret it.