Gallows – Gallows (2012)

Gallows has been at the front of the hardcore scene lately due to a vocalist change in their lineup. Frank Carter departed the band in early July of last year and instead of calling it quits, Gallows continued on the pick up Wade MacNeil (ex-Alexisonfire) and release a brand new self titled album on September 10th, 2012 despite reservations and doubt from their split fanbase.

From the get-go, Gallows features nonstop bone crushing riffs, eardrum bursting drum beats, and vocals that make you want to go out and start a riot. Gallows is the perfect blend of hardcore, punk, and aggression that all bands under the same genre should strive for. Although Wade MacNeil is most known for his work in Alexisonfire, he has reinvented himself and the vocals that he does in Gallows rarely sound like his previous.

The second track which is entitled “Everybody Loves You (When You’re Dead)”, starts off with a punk guitar riff that occurs throughout the song and quickly builds up into the harsh vocals. “But something’s for certain, when it’s your time to go, there’s no one left in Heaven and Hell is just a hoax” is just one line that Wade screams at you and that one line shows what kind of lyrics this band is focused on. The lyrics are themed around a no bullshit, realist type attitude that speak the truth and don’t pull any punches. “Vapid Adolescent Blues”, the fifth track, hits you right from the start with fast punk-ish vocals that quickly change into a catchy chorus. This track is littered with gang chants, something that is prevalent for the entire album. The ending of the song is extremely memorable, with a soft guitar section that builds up into a heavy verse and practically puts the ski mask in your hand.

The final track, “Cross of Lorraine”, is much quieter and slower than what has come before it (which is still fast-paced) and has a lot of influence from Wade’s Alexisonfire past. The vocals and guitar work are practically the hardcore counterparts to Alexisonfire. Even the entire song structure and chorus sounds like them. This track is a nice closer to the thrill ride that is Gallows.

With their new self-titled album, Gallows buries any skepticism under the intensity of the album. There is no doubt in my mind whether this “new” Gallows can live up to the reputation of its predecessor. Any fan that has been hesitant about the Carter-less Gallows really should give this album a chance because it will definitely change your mind.
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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews