Gallery: Pentimento/Bellwether (4/5/14)

pentimento-5864472 Pentimento, fresh off a small run with Less Than Jake, made a stop at Gamechanger World in Howell, NJ., on April 5. This was the band’s first headliner ever in New Jersey – and it was a show that Pentimento fans from the area had been hyping up for weeks. A solid amount of locals played, bringing a wide variety of music (from alternative to emo) to open up the night. Bellwether acted as direct support to Pentimento and brought its light pop punk sound from Long Island. Lead singer Desmond Zantua brought not only his best dance moves to the stage but also his favourite fashionable jacket. All the controversy and accusations surrounding the band lately were forgotten about and Bellwether blasted through an impressive set. My first time hearing or seeing Bellwether was definitely a good one, and I look forward to keeping tabs on this band in the future. Pentimento finished off the night by opening the last set with “Unless” then playing through 10 or so songs that covered all of the band’s releases. The raw energy Pentimento brings is something that few bands can duplicate. The members are the kings of “Woahhhhh”s, as bassist Vinny Caito and drummer Mike Hansen compliment lead singer Jeramiah Pauly’s vocal parts perfectly. Not to mention, Mike is one of the best drummers I’ve seen live; I don’t recall hearing a single bad hit throughout the whole set – as he expertly blasted through quick and tricky fills. The crowd sent the energy right back at the band with a generous amount of finger pointing and sing-a-longs. Although there wasn’t enough people to stage dive in the wide venue, everyone who was in attendance was having a great time – whether they knew the songs or not. Pentimento is definitely a band I’d suggest seeing live even if you’re not familiar with the material; the energy and interaction brought to each show is something anyone can enjoy. Check out some pictures below from the sets that Bellwether and Pentimento put on.

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