Frustration – Dying Breed (2012)


Dublin, Ireland isn’t exactly know for their introduction of heavy bands to the hardcore scene, but the five piece hardcore band simply known as Frustration hope to change this. Formed in 2009, Frustration has released their debut album Dying Breed on Purgatory Records and I have to say that for such a small label they sign some excellent bands.

Opening with a heavy instrumental intro that seemed pretty standard, Frustration transitions right into a groovy guitar riff and some rough yet angry vocals. The second track “Divination” keeps up the same pace and brings in some guest vocals to mix things up. Instrumentally, this band is very similar to Backtrack or Expire but the vocals sound more like Lionheart. They even throw in some Rotting Out sounding solos here and there such as in “Sixth Circle”. All of this is combined masterfully and nearly persuades me to get on the next plane to Dublin for a chance to see these guys.

While Frustration does a great job at what they are doing, there is nothing new here. Everything done on this album is something that I’ve heard before, so don’t expect anything innovative or groundbreaking. However, don’t let that deter you from listening to Dying Breed because this album is worth at least a couple of listens. With so many heavy riffs, pissed vocals, and audible bass grooves, this album will be sure to rock your socks. The highlight tracks of this album are “Last Will and Testament”, “Sixth Circle” and “Apparitions of a Hundred Persons”.

Frustration is definitely going to hit hard and fast in their surrounding area and potentially globally. They have learned how to play all the “traditional” stuff, per say, but once they do something unheard of they will be sure to take off. With a push in the right direction I am positive that Frustration will be releasing heavier and earth shattering stuff. 4-8083193
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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews