For Today – Immortal (2012)

Ah, the ever polarizing For Today. A band unanimously respected for the sheer heaviness of their music, as well as their forthright belief in all things Christian. Yet, somehow, they’re bashed just as much as they’re respected. No matter where I look on the vastly expanding world wide web, there is love for this band, and there is hate. It no longer favors one side or the other, as it seems it’s now balanced perfectly. This time around, I’m sure there are questions about where this band will take itself, now that they’re no longer apart of Facedown Records, and are now apart of Razor & Tie. Have no fear, Christians and Atheists alike, I’m here to answer any, and all questions you might have. The first question is probably the same as it always has been. “Is this album as preachy as the last one?”. As a Christian, I can never consider a band “too preachy” because preaching through music, to me, can never be a problem, since I find faith so powerful. To me, no, this album isn’t preachy. I will say, however, if you thought Breaker or Portraits were too much to handle, you might as well put this album down, and go listen to Rose Funeral or Behemoth, because this album holds stronger still to the love of Jesus Christ and the almighty God. The next question would probably be along the lines of “How heavy is this album?”. Why, I’ll tell you, my friend! If you put 45 bricks into a trash bag, and drop it off of the Empire State building onto the top of your car, you pretty much have found the formula for an “Immortal” For Today bass drop. As with Breaker, Immortal continues the trend of way over the top 808’s that accent the thunderous, patented For Today breakdowns. Many will find no problems with this, as I certainly have not. However, the questions continue. The third, I imagine, would be “What new things should I expect from Immortal?”. First and foremost, let it be known that this album is only maybe 10%-15% different compared to Breaker. What makes those percentages happen is the incorporation of two things; Clean vocals (by lead guitarist Ryan Leitru), and, despite what I said about the breakdowns on this album, the slight lack of dependency upon said breakdowns. Ryan Leitru has added a little extra to Immortal with more direct cleans than on previous albums. Though his cleans were there, they were layered with lead vocalist Mattie Montgomery’s screams, or with gang vocals from the band themselves. This time, you get to experience the full crooning he displays, keeping in mind that they’re used sparingly. Though the cleans aren’t anything remarkable, they do very well in the choruses made throughout the album. As previously stated, this album doesn’t “feel” like it depends on breakdowns too much. Though there are breakdowns abound, there seems to be added depth here because of Leitru’s leads, rhythm guitarist Mike Reynolds teamwork with Leitru, and the added drum work of David Morrison, as well as the tones of bassist Brandon Leitru. Even more depth can be felt here through 3 guest appearances. Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant on “Under God”, Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red on “Set Apart”, and Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. on “The Only Name”. That’s a lot of passion to be had, my friends, and it sounds fantastic on this album. This is For Today, to the tee. Unrelenting, heavy, unapologetic Christian Metalcore. You won’t find too many differences on this album compared to Breaker. Those who disliked them before will continue their stance against the band. But to me, I couldn’t be happier. This is a formula that I adore. When you combine the pure passion of faith, and the sheer force of heavy music, it’s a potent combination that sends those who love it into a state of praise and euphoria. I’ll remain one of the heralded few who stand behind this band, and their message, and I’ll do so proudly, until my dying day. Or, as Mattie would say: I will not be moved. Unshakeable. 4-7434837
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By PaulOverVanity ~ Me Gusta Reviews