For All Those Sleeping – Outspoken (2012)

For All Those Sleeping, a post-hardcore band from St. Cloud, Minnesota, has just released their second full-length album titled Outspoken. Going in a new direction from their debut album Cross Your Fingers, For All Those Sleeping has released an incredibly heavy and pissed off record.

There are loads of things I love about this, and one of those things is how angry this album is. From the very first lyric of “Step up or shut the fuck up,” For All Those Sleeping lets everyone know what is coming on this album. “Turn Of The Century” is another furious song with a great one liner, “Admit that you were always wrong.” “Turn Of The Century” also has some really interesting musical parts, including the dubstep clip in the beginning, as well as some cool effects sprinkled over the big breakdown.

“Life On Fire” is another song that really shows the growth of this band, while keeping to the furious theme of the album. The chorus’ lyrics are meaningful and delivered with much more ferocity than on their previous album. With lines like “I want to be the one to strike the match that sets your life on fire,” lyricist/guitarist David Volgman-Stevens sets the tone perfectly. “Backstabber,” the final song on the album, is another one that is just pure and simply hateful. The line “You’re going to regret me” perfectly sums up the song, and the theme of the album.

It’s not all about the lyrics, though, as a few tracks stand out in all aspects, especially musically. “Shaken Not Stirred” is one of the best tracks on Outspoken, with elements of everything including great lyrics, fancy effects, and a pair of hellacious breakdowns. Also, “Love Isn’t Real” even with its poppy chorus and bevy of “ooh oohs,” has one of the most ground crushing breakdowns on the album.

For All Those Sleeping’s sophomore album Outspoken is a huge leap in a new, and great, direction. While I liked Cross Your Fingers, the new album absolutely shadows it in every way. Lyrically it is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. For All Those Sleeping will surely keep the fire burning after this tremendous record.

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By Jarrett Stein ~ Me Gusta Reviews