Exotype – Emerge EP (2012)

There’s not very many examples out there of people forming one band and them putting that band on hiatus after several years to start an entire new project with every member of the previous band. Usually a member or two get interested in a new project and create that, but rarely is it an entire band. Tonight’s review is an exception to that norm and I’m ecstatic to present to you; Exotype!

Forming only less than a year ago, Exotype has managed to accumulate over 46,000 “likes” on Facebook alone and have had that entire fan base on the tips of their toes waiting for the ever so anticipated EP entitled Emerge. Lucky for me, I was able to acquire the EP roughly a week ago and after passing my 10th repeat of the album, I had formed a pretty solid opinion on the band but there were a few things that left me wondering. Exotype is pretty much a blend of metalcore and electronic, synthesized and drum and bass effects. All four founding and current members are all from the hardcore infused death metal act Catalespy. What I found surprising was how the vocalist for both bands, John Anderson, went from an extremely heavy death metal band to a much more lighter metalcore band focusing primarily on electronic effects and influences.

I’m not criticizing John’s life and musical choices but I just found it a little odd that he and the rest of the band left one project on hold to pursue another one ergo rendering the Catalepsy fan base with no new material. Myself being a fan of Catalepsy, am not upset at their choices and respect the band for transitioning with their musical tastes and doing what makes them happy. Emerge is an EP, that like I said earlier, is filled with all sorts of electronic and synthesized effects that I think blend really well with the metalcore style screams and the relaxing clean vocals provided by Josh Anderson.

I felt like the EP was similar to what The Browning has been doing but in a less heavy style and with added cleans vocals. The 22-minute EP is filled with some pretty angry vocals and that gave me a sense that John and the rest of the band still know how to keep things hate filled because they sure did when it came to Catalepsy. I didn’t really like how three of the five songs seemed to end and then have 30 seconds of electronic rhythms before the song actually finished and progressed into the next one. I’m all for smooth transitioning into the next song, but if they cut down on the amount of time between each one they honestly could have probably fit a sixth song on the EP.

Regardless of the small things like that, Emerge was very well produced, contained lyrics that fit in with the band and the metalcore style of Exotype, elements that appeal to more than just one genre community, and some of the catchiest clean vocals I’ve heard in metal since As I Lay Dying. The EP may take a few listens before you start to realize its potential but after that it really grows on you and you can hear the effort that each individual member of the band put into making sure that this release was just as strong as anything else any of them have done before. Be sure to check out the Emerge EP. It was just released tonight and it’s available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Xbox Zune, Google Play and more!

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