Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood Of Colour (2012)

Enter Shikari have done it again! This time, pushing their musical boundaries even further than they ever have before. Two and a half years after the release of their sophomore effort, Common Dreads, the band returns with a bang that was well worth the wait.

The first track, titled “System…” sets the main theme of this album. Using the same synth intro from Common Dreads, the track leads into vocalist Rou Reynolds’ speech about our dying system that is “beyond repair” and chanting that the future is in our hands now. Brilliant synthesized strings particularly stand out to me on this track.

The intro then leads into “…Meltdown”, one of my personal favorite songs on the album. The songs starts off with what can be compared to an “8-bit sounding” Dubstep breakdown, then you hear Rou shout “Stand up!”, which leads into the very catchy Drum & Bass part of the song that honestly gave me the goosebumps when I heard it. The band makes sure to make their views on the world known with lyrics such as “Fuck all borders, fuck all boundaries, fuck all flags and fuck nationalities!” This is a great song that I feel will not disappoint long time fans of the band.We then hear “Sssnakepit” The first single of the album. What stands out to me in this track is the tight production. Every instrument sounds crisp and clean. With melodic guitar work done by Rory Clewlow, powerful drumming by Rob Rolfe and of course, you can’t forget the vocals by Rou and Chris Batten. Shikari have definitely stepped their game up, just when you thought they couldn’t get any better.

“Search Party” definitely has a nostalgic feeling of Shikari’s first album, Take To The Skies. This will bring joy to those who urge the band to bring back “their old sound”. I can definitely say, ES have never been better. “Arguing With Thermometers” is up next with more of that experimentation ES is famous for. This song features a breakdown that has elements of Dubstep and Industrial at the same time. That really stood out to me on this song.

“Stalemate” was a curve ball not expected by any Enter Shikari fan. A well-executed acoustic intro that leads into a harmonious synth-guitar lead with vocals that gave me goosebumps for the second time of the album. Rou Reynolds is not afraid to touch on his political and environmental views which basically state “If we do not change what we’re doing, we will not survive on this planet much longer”.”Gandhi Mate, Gandhi” Starts off with a 45 second anti-capitalistic rant that makes you feel how angry the band is with our current system that oppresses many, and benefits few. I have a feeling this will be a very popular song in the mosh pit to release your frustration to.Whether it is the originality of “Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide” or heavily synth oriented “Pack Of Thieves” A Flash Flood Of Colour has something for everyone. Musical boundaries have been pushed, world views of the band have definitely been made known. This is an album that I’m looking very forward to seeing live.

“Abusing music
genres worthless boundaries since 2003″ is more than correct, and this album shows it.

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By xSirPumpkinx ~ Me Gusta Reviews