Elitist – Reshape | Reason (2012)

Unlike Elitist’s previous EP, Earth, Reshape | Reason leaves a lasting impression and does not become repetitive at all. There is a lot more variety on this release and the songwriting has improved. In addition, I think the vocals are much better mainly because of the range. On Earth, the vocals were fairly monotonous and I think that was a contributing factor in some fans growing tired of the EP rather quickly.

Reshape | Reason is very impressive in its entirety but there are a few tracks that stand out more than others. They are the fifth to eighth tracks which are respectively titled “Equinox”, “Life Lost”, “Transmutation”, and “Sacred Geometry”. A few of these tracks feature clean vocals which are a very nice touch and “Life Lost” features the vocalist of Erra who takes the song to a whole other level.

The seventh track is an instrumental. “Transmutation” is a very calming and ambient interlude, and if it were any longer, it would feel like a filler track. Thankfully, that’s obviously not the case and it’s the perfect length. The next track on Reshape | Reason is my personal favourite. “Sacred Geometry” is an ideal example of what progressive metalcore/djent bands should strive for. It has the perfect blend of ambiance, melody, and heaviness and contains a spectacular piano bit thrown into the equation near the end.

I’m glad that Elitist rehashed their sound because as previously mentioned, Earth became very bland with repeated listens. Reshape | Reason is nearly twice as long as Earth, but it manages to avoid becoming repetitive, and for that, I think praise is in order. This style of music is easy to overdo but Elitist’s new full-length album proves that there is still some hope for bands to create something original. Be sure to pick this album up when it drops on September 25th!

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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews