Delawarewolves – From Curses To Verses EP (2012)

Australia has done it again. They have spit out yet another band that has the potential to be huge. Delawarewolves, a five piece hardcore band from Melbourne, may have an unusual name but it has not stopped them from releasing a stellar EP, From Curses To Verses.

I’ll begin by saying that From Curses To Verses is somewhat of a concept EP. Everything from the band name to the lyrics pretty obviously suggest that this entire EP is about werewolves. This may sound cheesy but they pull it off beautifully. The lyrics, instruments, vocals, and production are all fantastic.

The instrumentation is exactly what you would expect from any hardcore band, supplying you with endless heavy and fast guitar riffs. The guitarists even decided to throw some pinch harmonics around which don’t sound bad or out of place. The drumming and bass riffs are also works of art that should be mentioned. On the song “Le Wolfé”, there is even an instance where the bass player gets a chance to be heard.The vocals are what really caught me off guard. The vocalist usually sticks to a hardcore style of vocals but he occasionally experiments with more deathcore sounding vocals and in “Le Wolfé” he even has a moment where he sounds like Fronz from Attila. Using all of these different vocal styles is not something that any vocalist can do, but Delawarewolves accomplishes it and really sets a high standard.The final three tracks are thirteen minutes I was glad I gave up. “Night Hunger” sweeps you off your feet in the first two seconds and doesn’t let you go. You could say it’s a bit like being chased through the forest by a werewolf. You have no idea where you’re going and the adrenaline rush is always there. “Grievance Procedure” begins with a captivating intro and it sounds like it comes straight from the heart. The lyrics are heartbreaking and ending where the vocalist screams “So now rest in peace” never fails to give me chills. What makes this track perfect are the angelic guest vocals from Avalon. The final track “Sleepless Immortals” really does have it all, including gang chants, all of the vocal styles, heavy riffing, and an anthem. Every second on these final tracks with leave you speechless.

If you are a fan of hardcore in any form, Delawarewolves is a band that you must check out. Since they have released From Curses To Verses for free on their bandcamp there is not a reason to say no. Giving this EP a spin is something you will not regret.

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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews