Death – Spiritual Healing (2-Disc Reissue) (2012)

71270637-1-1121832 Any fan of the death metal genre will tell you that Death was the driving force behind death metal’s growth. A vision led by the ultra-talented Chuck Schuldiner, Death released seven full-length albums during the band’s lifetime. With each release, the material became more complex and more intricate, so much so that Schuldiner hired new lineups for each album. Even the most talented of individuals appear on a total of two albums (Gene Hoglan and Bill Andrews to name a few). I name Bill Andrews particularly because of the album being discussed, Spiritual Healing. The lineup on this record is one of my favorite Death lineups; Chuck Schuldiner on guitar and vocals, James Murphy on guitar, Terry Butler on bass, and Bill Andrews on drums. Not only does this album contain a killer Death lineup, but also it embodies the Florida death metal sound to a tee and features killer after killer track. In my opinion, this album is my favorite Death album and is as close as can be to perfect. Death fans will definitely be in for a treat with the 2-disc reissue of this classic album. Among the amazing songs that make up the original release, the second disc is jammed pack with equally good rehearsal tracks, live recordings, and jam sessions which all revolve around the final product that was released in 1990. To further sweeten the deal, the original album is completely remastered to further enhance the beautiful musicianship and sheer brilliance of each track! If you are a Death fan, you have no excuse not to pick up this limited edition reissue from Relapse Records!

This album is a masterpiece; a cornerstone in the foundation of the death metal genre. This reissued version only places this album higher on my list of all time favorite albums. Please, do yourself a favor (you owe it to yourself), pick up a copy of this special 2 disc reissue of Spiritual Healing. Hell, pick up two and give the other to a fan of death metal who you feel needs to experience the spellbinding power that is Spiritual Healing! Follow the links below for purchasing details and pick up your copy while they last!


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By Anonymous ~ Me Gusta Reviews